5 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

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5 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Replacing a missing tooth is an important decision. Dentures and bridges are two time-tested options, but when considering maintenance, comfort, and overall functionality, dental implants are an efficient, modern choice to restore your smile and confidence.

1. A Natural Fit

Implants are a natural fit in your mouth because they are anchored directly to the jawbone. There is no stress on surrounding teeth like there is with a fixed bridge, which requires neighboring teeth to be filed down in order to fit properly. Bridge apparatus makes cleaning a bit more difficult and can lead to plaque buildup. Because implants don’t rest on the gums like dentures, there’s no friction, which can cause gum irritation.

2. No Special Maintenance

Because of their simplicity, implants can be maintained with the same oral care habits that keep your natural teeth healthy, including regular dental checkups, brushing, and flossing. With proper care, dental implants should last a lifetime, unlike dentures or fixed bridges, which often have to be replaced every three to eight years.

3. Barely Noticeable

Implants are designed to blend in with your natural smile. Once the implant is set in the mouth, it will be shaped to look like your original tooth. Most patients easily adjust to the presence of implants in their mouth. Your body views implants as natural teeth, so there is no reaction to “foreign objects” in your mouth.

4. They Work Efficiently

Because the dental implant is shaped and fitted when it is first set in the mouth, there is generally no need for additional appointments or adjustments. Dentures and bridges can often need adjustments and may not maintain their shape over a long period of time. With implants there are no limitations on types of foods you can eat.

5. Long Term Benefits

The growth of your jaw bone is maintained by the pressure your teeth exert on the jaw when chewing. Bridges and dentures redistribute the pressure to supporting teeth or gums, which can often lead to bone loss over the long term. Implants focus the pressure directly through to the jawbone, preserving the bone just like a natural tooth would.
Dental implants also provide long term financial benefits. While the upfront costs may be higher, considering long term costs, implants are an affordable option. With no refitting, extra dental appointments, special pastes or cleaning tools, dental implants are an efficient and practical solution that will give you a healthy smile.

If you are considering dental implants, call Great Plains OMS today to schedule an appointment, and Dr. Dan will help decide if dental implants are the right choice for you.

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