Facial Trauma

Trust Dr. Daniel Nielson to Repair Your Facial Trauma

Dr. Daniel Nielson and his staff desire to make your facial trauma treatment or maxillofacial reconstructive surgery as comfortable and accommodating as possible. We are highly skilled, exceptionally trained, and able to perform any facial trauma surgery you might need. Dr. Nielson’s extensive emergency experience, as well as his many years of training, have prepared him to help patients with a wide array of facial trauma needs. Having worked at hospitals in emergency situations has prepared Dr. Nielson to treat all aspects of facial trauma. He cares for you and wants to see your life restored to its fullest potential. From minor facial trauma such as lacerations and fractures to significant maxillofacial reconstructive surgery, Dr. Nielson performs this urgent type of oral surgery in a hospital or in his state of the art surgical center at Great Plains OMS.

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