Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Post-Surgery Tips

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Post-Surgery Tips

 If you are planning to have your wisdom teeth removed, here’s some information to help you learn a bit about your recovery process.

Follow All Doctor’s Instructions

Your surgery is unique and Doctor Dan and the team will provide you with specific instructions for recovery. Please follow all the instructions and let us know if you have questions.


Some bleeding may occur the first day after your wisdom teeth are removed. Place gauze at sight of wound. This helps with the clotting process. Avoid spitting. Replace gauze as needed.

Ice Pack

You may experience swelling or bruising. Apply an ice pack to your cheek or jawline intermittently for 20 minutes to minimize the swelling. Your face should improve within days.

Take it Easy

Plan to rest for the remainder of the day. Keep your head elevated with a pillow. You can resume your normal activities, but avoid any strenuous activity based on your post-surgery instructions.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water. It’s best to avoid drinking caffeinated, carbonated, or hot beverages in the first 24 hours. No straws. They dislodge your clots and slow down the healing process.

Keep it Light. Keep it Soft

Eat only soft foods, such as yogurt or applesauce. Drink smoothies (without a straw), like Mango Banana for a great way to get your nutrients. Avoid hard, hot, or chewy foods that might get stuck in the socket or irritate the wound. Over time, you will be able to eat normally.

Cleaning Your Mouth

Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water every two hours and after meals for at least a week. When brushing your teeth, be careful near the site of the extracted teeth.


Take your medications as directed in your post-surgical instructions. If you are taking prescription pain medication, do not operate heavy machinery.

If you experience any of these symptoms please contact us:

  • Difficulty swallowing or breathing
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Fever or severe pain not relieved by prescribed pain medications
  • Blood or pus in nasal discharge.

Whether you’re currently in the recovery process or concerned about your upcoming wisdom teeth extraction appointment, the staff at GPOMS are here to help you recover quickly and minimize complications. Contact us today or visit our Wisdom Teeth FAQ blog post for more information.

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