Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Can be Problematic and May Require Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come into a full set of teeth, which can result in crowding or improper positioning. There are times when the wisdom teeth do not come in at all due to being impacted, which means they are trapped underneath the bone and gum area. A wisdom tooth can also be partially impacted; the growth occurs in a crooked pattern allowing the tooth to break through the gum only part way. An oral surgeon may need to perform oral surgery for the extraction of impacted teeth to help alleviate pain and prevent cysts, tumors, infection, crowding, or other types of damage.

Dr. Nielson will evaluate the positioning of the teeth to determine when and if wisdom tooth removal is necessary now or in the future as a preventative measure. Should extraction of impacted teeth be necessary, Dr. Nielson will consult with you regarding the course of treatment, as well as communicate the plan to your referring dentist.

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